About Us

Who we Are? was created by a group of sleep physicians and professionals that wanted to educate in sleep diagnosis and spread awareness of sleep treatment. the group consisting of doctors with over 40 years of experience in sleep medicine has been actively treating patients with the latest technology used in biomedical and pharmaceuticals, they have been keeping their patients up to date with their compliance and device options that help them achieve the best treatments.

Our Goals

We want to make the process of getting diagnosed with sleep diseases like Obstructive Sleep Apnea quick and easy by administrating at-home-sleep tests with instant results. We have been testing out the best medical equipment for correct and accurate diagnosis and now are excited to introduce our findings in having the quickest easiest testing. Our goal is to have a good night's sleep by educating our patients to better their everyday life!

Our Tests are tried and tested by our board-certified sleep doctors. We determine at the time of Telehealth visit if Type 1 or Type 2 HST are sent to our patients. The test are mailed to patients' homes and returned by label provided. Instructions come with full support.

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